Eddy analysis data files for download

Eddies are identified and tracked through time. This file contains the latest data set. Each eddy track (a single eddy identified in multiples timesteps) has location and classification attributes for each timsestep. A more simple csv is also available for web graphics use.

The structure of the numpy data file '.npz' is as follows:

total_tracks 			= number of total eddy tracks (a single eddy tracked through time) in this file 
eddy_center_lon 		= Longitude of eddy centers (in degrees +/-180) 
eddy_center_lat 		= Latitude of eddy centers (in degrees) 
eddy_angular_vel 		= Angular velocity of eddy in Degrees/second 
eddy_length_x 			= Ellipse major axis length in meters specifying eddy size and shape
eddy_length_y 			= Ellipse minor axis length in meters specifying eddy size and shape
eddy_ellipse_theta 		= Angle of ellipse rotation from x-axis (mathematical notation, degrees) 
eddy_dir 			= Direction of eddy (mathematical notation, +1 = cyclonic in Northern Hemisphere) 
eddy_streamlines 		= Number of streamlines contained within this eddy
Time 				= Time in python ordinal UTC time, add 366 to get matlab time
eddy_track_dist_param 		= Max distance between eddy locations in different timesteps to be considered the same eddy (km) 
eddy_track_time_param 		= Max time between eddy identification to be considered the same eddy (hours)

Example to load in python:

npz_in_name = 'eddy_tracks_6km.npz' 
a = np.load(npz_in_name, allow_pickle=True)  
total_tracks           = a['total_tracks'] 
eddy_center_lon        = a['eddy_center_lon'] 
eddy_center_lat        = a['eddy_center_lat'] 
eddy_angular_vel       = a['eddy_angular_vel'] 
eddy_length_x          = a['eddy_length_x'] 
eddy_length_y          = a['eddy_length_y'] 
eddy_ellipse_theta     = a['eddy_ellipse_theta'] 
eddy_dir               = a['eddy_dir'] 
eddy_streamlines       = a['eddy_streamlines'] 
Time                   = a['Time'] 
eddy_track_dist_param  = a['eddy_track_dist_param'] 
eddy_track_time_param  = a['eddy_track_time_param'] 

See the code for usage and file creation details.